Malta Red Cross At The Major Disaster Simulation

sam tanti - Posted on 13 April 2011



On Wednesday 24th November, Malta Red Cross Malta Branch took part in a very interesting training exercise held at the Malta International Airport with the collaboration of the Civil Protection Department, Health Department, Malta International Airport and other NGO’s.

A good number of volunteers from our branch gathered early in the morning in our premises. We made our way to Mater Dei Hospital where we were welcomed and briefed by the medical team about the procedures we had to follow during this exercise. When the emergency call arrived at Mater Dei, all emergency personnel including the Malta Red Cross Malta Branch volunteers speeded up to the disaster zone where a simulated aircraft crash was underway. Journey from Mater Dei Hospital to Malta International Airport took seven minutes. The simulated passenger plane carrying 26 passengers being damaged extensively, killing one and injuring 11. Some of the surviving passengers were trying to leave the plane, other were trapped. As we arrived on the scene and erected the field clinic, which was to be used as a triage area, our volunteers started performing the assigned duties with great dedication and care. Volunteers were treating injured people,  other transporting casualties to the area specially designed for minor treatment. Patient Transportation to hospital also formed part of this exercise. This was a very interesting and fruitful experience to our volunteers and a lot was learned from this simulation. We hope that  occasions like this will be made available to our branch so everyone will have the opportunity to participate in these amazing experiences.

By Antoine Vella



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